Growing up in the surrounding of the Teutonic castle I always dreamt of being a knight in shiny armour. One day being influenced by these images I have decided to revive the forgotten and dying out craftsmanship so-called armour making. As the time went by my infant fantasies gradually became real. At first making armour I treated as a hobby, however since 1994 I made up my mind and approached the trade more seriously and professionally. 

My products are worldly recognised. I supply re-enactors not only from the native market but scattered throughout the globe. I cooperate with clients from Germany, Russia, Holland, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, the USA and even exotic New Zealand.
Apart from my utilitarian commodities I also offer a wide range of decorative goods which can be useful in all kind of domestic environment. Some of my replicas can be seen at Gniew Castle Museum,  and Henri Marie Jaan Andre de Laborde de Monpezat’s private collection.

Many time my commitment and experienced was used in All my products are hand crafted and custom-made so this is why they are unique and inimitable. In producing I use ancient techniques such as: engraving, cold- hammering, grooving and traditional tools.

I work in different type of steel and metal alloys with raging gauge between 1- 4mm. 

Kowalstwo-Płatnerstwo "MORION"
Maciej Kotlarz
ul.Zamkowa 3, 83-140 Gniew
kom. 691 258 860
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